Relax, rejuvenate, get to know your baby and sail the transition into motherhood with the helping hand of a doula and the ancient wisdoms of Ayurveda.
¨Hold and be held,
         love and be loved¨...

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About Me

My name is Rosalee, I am a mother of 2 and a passionate student of Ayurveda. I studied under Acharya Jason Chandler at Byron Ayurveda College. Throughout my experience studying Ayurveda and becoming a Mother I discovered my passion for learning, teaching and offering natal care.

My goal is to reach the masses in society and raise awareness of a new Mothers needs and to make post partum care essential and accessible nation wide.

I am based in Northern Rivers NSW offering a post-partum doula service and hosting regular group post natal and organic beauty care workshops.

Mordakum - Post partum bliss balls

Ayurveda offers a variety of specialised herbs and therapies for the new Mother and these medicated sweet balls are just soo good! After your great work growing and birthing a baby now is the time to sit back, learn to breast feed, fall in love and eat bliss balls.

These aren´t just ordinary bliss balls, they are filled with medicated herbs & spices to assist in retracting the uterus, promoting breast milk and enhancing digestion.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to order some for your self or a loved one. 



Complete care package

Complete care package for the New mother including an Ayurvedic lifestyle consultation and post natal care plan, post partum massages, baby massage,  2x2 hours in house care (in house cooking, cleaning, preperation of sitz bath or yoni steam, emotional/breastfeeding support), specialised herbs and Ayurvedic recipe E book with delicious recipes to nourish the Mother.

Relax & rejuvenate package

Plan your fourth trimester with an Ayurvedic post natal care plan (diet & nutrition, lifestyle and healing techniques), post partum massage, in house care (cooking, cleaning, preperation of sitz bath or yoni steam etc), specialised herbs and a Ayurvedic recipe E book.

The essentials package

Relax in the comforts of your home with 2x hours of in-house care ( in-house cooking, cleaning, preperation of sitz bath or yoni steam, emotional/breastfeeding support), a post partum massage and essential herbs specific for the new mother.


40 days for 40 years...

Some of you may be familiar with this ancient quote, if not, it is believed in many cultures that the sacred window post birth is a sacred time for rejuvenation, deep healing and love...

Ayurveda has many tools to support this journey...


Contact Me

Please feel free to contact me for bookings or if you have questions. 

Rosalee ph: 0481 243 358
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