• Rosalee Mulkerrins

The wonders of breast milk

Updated: Feb 29

Did you know that a mothers breastmilk is rich in live stem cells! This supports your child´s immunity for life. It is recommended to breastfeed your baby for at least 12 months if not longer. There is not a substitute - apart from another Mothers milk. Boiled, diluted cows milk would be next best option. This technique does not come as naturally for all women, it is a learnt technique that usually is best learnt by seeing and or having support from a family member or nurse. There is plenty of support available nowadays and it may take time to really get the swing of it. Persistence is a virtue in this divine period.

🔹️ it can take up to 6 weeks for breast milk to regulate 🔹️ sore/cracked nipples will pass, oils or nipple protectors may help 🔹️ milk supply can be enhanced with herbs and rest 🔹️ if there is milk and the baby is not drinking it can be the milk is sour due to diet and can be purified with herbs and diet change 🔹️ anything a Mother consumes will go through to her breast milk (in which alcohol in breastfeeding is not recommended)


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