Home Visits

In home package deals are available for Mothers in the Byron Shire so you can rest with your newborn and feet up. If you are interstate or overseas rest assured I am happy to help, I can offer online consultations, care plans and recipe books to prepare you for your blissful fourth trimester.

Ayurvedic rituals post partum care plan

Ayurveda offers in depth knowledge regarding what a woman needs after delivery to ensure her fast recovery, rejuvenation and energy she needs to enjoy her task as a Mother.

Ayurvedic natal care workshops

Interactive workshops covering Ayurvedic nutrition, hormonal changes, care plan, post natal therapies, self massage and more.

Lifestyle Consultant

I offer Ayurvedic lifestyle consultations offering lifestyle, nutrition, specialised herbs & therapies and mental/emotional/spiritual support.

Nourishing Foods

Once a Mother has given birth it is most important she is well nourished with Vata pacifing, freshly prepared meals. You can now purchase my Ayurvedic post partum recipe E book. 

Ayurvedic cooking workshops

Learn the fundamentals of Ayurvedic cooking, the six tastes, benefits of herbs & spices, compatible foods and more in a hands on cooking class for intimate groups or workshops

Post partum Doula

A post partum doula offers a variety of support to a new Mother, including a nutrition and lifestyle care plan, massages, baby massage, in house care, mental/ emotional,  support, physical support, breast feeding support, preperations such as sitz baths or yoni steams, freshly prepared meals, specialised herbs + more

Online support

For mothers around the globe seeking support I offer online lifestyle consultations and post natal support.

Ayurvedic beauty care workshops

Hands on Interactive workshops covering Ayurvedic beauty essentials; facials, products, herbs and nutrition.

Contact Me

Please feel free to contact me for bookings or if you have questions. 

Rosalee ph: 0481 243 358
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